WARNING well drawn stories inside. You will enjoy it so much you will insist on purchasing all other potlatch anthologies. Yes it true. Hey if Bush can out and out lie why can the rest of us. But you will still like it.

Official Cover by Joanne Mutch and Rummble Strip fame.

This is the FIRST Potlatch Project Anthology NOT to be a benefit books.

Potlatch 4 is 96 pages with 14 illustrated stories by the following contributors:

  • Cosmosis by Ethan Wenberg
  • Wonder World by lonne Allen
  • Vote of the Living Dead by Stan yan
  • The man by Chad Lambert (Day Prize nom.) and Nadir Dalan
  • Untitled by Juan R. Puig
  • Adventure in Retail by Kevin Gleason
  • Sabre & his Scury Dogs Edward Grug
  • Lifr in the Cafeteria by Jon and Nancy Peters
  • Breif Quiet by A. David Lewis ( Day Prise, Eisner and harvey nom) and Dave Youkovich
  • Slain King by Scott S. Robbin
  • Faires Tell: i Delcare War! by Lynx Delirum
  • Jophie's diner by Ron LeBrasseur
  • MeterMaid by sal Cipriano and marco Dilenardo
  • Fynne by Noppie
  • Editors Russ McIntosh


The long await Whistle Blower TPB is finally HERE. Parts 1 through 4 are now completed and assemblied in one volume. In theory Diamond was to carry it BUT Cancelled that PO. At SPX it said it might change its mind.

Diamond Order Number MAY073160

ISBN 0-9753007-4-1 $5.95