Potlatch 5 is 96 pages with 14 illustrated has three cover options with stories by the following contributors:

  • Potlatch infestation by Stan Yan
  • Survival by Robert Corby

  • Too Much Matheson by Chad Lambert and Tom William (Day Prize nom)
  • Murky by David C. Recine
  • RummbleStrips Sweetheart by Joanne Mutch
  • Fynne Part 2 by Noppie

  • Three Wishes by dan Sehn
  • Time Squad by Ron LeBrassuer
  • Schaeffenaus byOne Neck
  • Under Tow by Michael LaRicca (Xeric)
  • Pregunat 2 by Juan Navarro
  • The RummbleStrip cover is available to Canadians in Canada from Joanne Mutch


The long await Whistle Blower TPB is finally HERE. Parts 1 through 4 are now completed and assemblied in one volume. In theory Diamond was to carry it BUT Cancelled that PO. At SPX it said it might change its mind.

Diamond Order Number MAY073160

ISBN 0-9753007-4-1 $5.95